Research fields and directions

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Product Development
The developing strategy of CSC’s new product development is “quality, grade and variety advance altogether”, which created high added value by way of product differentiation. For quality CSC pursues stable and even properties and therefore long won the customers’ trust in massive products. For grade the goal that CSC strives for is to achieve the top of specification and develops ultimate products surpassing specifications. For variety CSC devotes its efforts to develop new products of multiple values, such as tool/mold steel and bearing steel and stride across steel and aluminum field to special alloys of high properties, such as titanium and nickel as well as green-energy materials.
Process technology development
CSC dedicated itself vigorously to progress processing capability, thus achieved accurate and clean compositions, various sizes of thick, thin, wide, large, precise and straight. The emphasis was placed on “Two high and two low”, i.e. high flexibility and capability; low cost and contamination, which was accomplished by flexible production and implementation of various smelting and rolling processes, low price materials, energy-saving production and advanced innovative technology.
  • Clean Steel Technology
  • Dioxin Emission Monitoring and Reduction
  • Water recycling and Water Resources Development
Development of enabling technology
CSC introduced in state-of-the-art ICT technology, which used sensing analysis, data investigation, intellectual diagnosis and
program & instrumental control to enhance the overall capabilities of processing production, decrease the cost and increase the
production capacity. In addition CSC endeavored to extend life of critical consumables, keep equipments evergreen and integrate
independently new production line solely for R&D.
  • The development of RFID system
    China Steel Co. (CSC) is the first steel company around the world that implements the RFID system for steel-bar and wire-rod products. CSC develops the key technology for steel making industry, publishes around 30 IEEE papers, and files more than 70 patents. The smart RFID examining-passing system established on each shipping portal, greatly reduces 60%~80% operation time; the system also lessens the production cost about 100 million NT dollars, reduces 10 thousand liters’ fuel-consumption, and 750 tons’ CO2 emission as well. The achievement on the technology innovation of the RFID systems and the application of the shipping management leads the other steel companies in the world.
  • Development of the Blast Furnace Burden Profilometer
    A compact scanning system was developed in CSC to measure the online burden profile of a blast furnace. The innovative design solved the gas leakage and charging interruption problems on a commercialized probe scanning system. The burden profilometer have been installed on all blast furnaces of CSC group. 350 Million NT dollars equipment purchasing budget are saved through the self-built profilometer. After permeability of a blast furnace is improved by the application of the online burden profilometer, a reduced coke consumption of 1.75 kg/tHM is appeared, resulting in a fuel cost saving up to 77 Million NT dollars per year.
Product application technology
As the head of Taiwan’ steel industry CSC undertakes the mission of leading industry upgrading and assisting customers to obtain success. In the aspect of product application CSC dedicated to enhance the technical depth and scope for local steel using industry. For depth advanced secondary and thrice manufacturing technologies were developed; for scope CSC assisted customers to construct the critical core capability at high value product application, which will develop high value end products and strengthen the core competitiveness at international market.
The verification for automobile manufacturers is the key to open the channel of international sales. CSC has set up a standard procedure of verification for major international automobile manufacturers and established systematically the necessary core technology for automobile industry through materials database, CAE analysis, stamp forming, welding joint and painting. CSC’s automobile steel has passed much verification of numerous major international automobile manufacturers. Via the sales channel of automobile manufacturers the sales volume of CSC’s automobile steel was greatly enhanced.
  • An Optimal design of resistance spot welding in AHSS
  • The Establishment of Auto Steel Surface Treatment Pilot Line
Development of New Research Field
Energy Development and Application Research
For an integrated iron and steel company, energy consumption and CO2 emission from upstream to downstream manufacturing process have been important topics for a long time. Thus, how to solve the problems to enhance the industrial competitiveness is always a big subject for the energy research. In order to strengthen the green competitiveness of the company and achieve the goal of low-carbon and clean production, R&D department adopts four strategies of energy saving. The first is to increase the energy efficiency which includes the strengthening waste heat recovery, enhancing the efficiency of energy system/equipment、optimizing the operation and energy management. The second is to develop and utilize low-carbon fuels such as bio mass. The third is to maximize the value of fuel gas and the fourth is to develop the end-of-pipe technology such as CCS. At the present stage, the main studies are described as follows: