Advanced High Strength Steels

According to the study undertaken by the World Steel Association (worldsteel), the use of AHSS to replace the plain carbon steel can reduce the body weight by 25%, save 5.1% fuel consumption, and reduce 5.7% greenhouse gas emissions without increasing the producing cost and sacrificing the safety performance of the automobile.

In order to meet the requirements of the automobile industry, China Steel Corporation (CSC) has put efforts into the development of the first generation AHSS since 2004. After five years of research and development, CSC has broken through the bottleneck of the production technologies and successfully to produce both cold-rolled and hot-dip galvanized 590Y, 780Y and 980Y dual phase steels.

To continuously fulfill the requirement of the auto companies to meet the higher and higher “energy-saving and carbon reduction” standard, CSC has finished the research on the development of 1180Y dual phase steel in the lab and carried out the mill trial production now. Besides the development and supply of the dual phase AHSS, CSC had already cooperated to the local stamping company, furnace company, academia and research center to form a “Hot Stamping R&D Alliance” in the end of 2011. Through the operation of this alliance, the appropriate steel, equipment and processing technologies necessary for the hot stamping were developed. It is our goal to help Taiwan’s auto industry to build up the hot stamping technology and production ability to meet the new generation automobile market demand and enhance their international competitiveness, accordingly.

Typical mechanical properties of the 590Y, 780Y, 980Y and 1180Y
dual phase AHSS developed by CSC.