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January, 2016
amount: millions of NT$
Item This Month Accumulated for the Year
Consolidated Operating Revenues 22,238 22,238
Consolidated Operating Income -463 -463
Consolidated Income Before Income Tax -318 -318
01. The preliminary consolidated operating revenues in January 2016 totaled NTD$22,238 million. The preliminary consolidated operating income totaled NTD$ -463 million. The preliminary consolidated income before income tax totaled NTD$ -318 million.
02. Information for the Company's carbon steel sales volume (non-consolidated basis) is as follows:
The sales volume of carbon steel in January 2016 totaled 894,669 tones, with 73% of domestic sales.

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CSC Profile

Basic Information

Brief of China Steel Corporation China Steel Corporation (CSC), located at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, was founded in December 1971. With annual production (in terms of crude steel) around 10 million tonnes, CSC produces a range of products that includes plates, bars, wire rods, hot and cold rolled coils, electrogalvanized coils, electrical steel coils, hot-dip galvanized coils, and Ti/Ni-base alloy.

Managing Team

  • Jyh-Yuh Sung
    Chairman of the Board

  • Chao-Tung Wong

  • Shyi-Chin Wang
    Executive Vice President

CSC Values

Mr. C. C. Ma, the first chairman of China Steel Corporation, defined the CSC values as teamwork, entrepreneurial approach, down-to-earthiness and pursuit of innovation in the inaugural issue of the "CSC Bimonthly" published on January 28, 1976. While doing so, he laid the cornerstones of CSC's corporate culture.

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Technology Innovation

Research concept

Confronting the more and more severe challenge of business circumstances, China Steel Corporation (CSC) adopted the policies of lowering cost, enhancing product quality, saving energy and differentiating customer services to create competitive advantages. Consequently CSC executed the integrated researches of multi-fields and inter-organizations, which enabled the arrangement wider, roots deeper, aims higher and influences greater. CSC anticipates these researches can lead innovations, lower cost, establish needed advanced technologies and enhance the overall competitiveness of itself and China Steel Group internally as well as helping downstream steel-using industry enhance the capabilities in technologies of processing application and construct high value industry clusters externally...

Organizational resources

Research fields and directions

Advanced analysis equipments

Activities and awards


CSC's manufacturing process is composed of raw material preparation, iron making, steelmaking, and rolling.

Coal, iron ore, and limestone are unloaded to the storage yard. Coal is then transferred to coke oven plants to produce coke; iron ore and limestone are transferred to the sinter plants to produce sinter.

Lump ore, sinter and coke, together with fluxes are fed into the blast furnaces, to produce molten iron (hot metal) and slag. Hot metal is then transferred to the basic oxygen furnaces in railway ladle cars.

Hot metal and steel scrap are charged into the basic oxygen furnaces to be processed into liquid steel, most of which is transported to the refining stations for further treatment, and then sent to the continuous casters to produce slabs or blooms which are semi-finished products.

looms are fed into the billet mill to be shaped into billets and further processed into bars or wire rod products in the bar or rod mills. Slabs are fed into the plate mill to be rolled into plates or processed into hot rolled products in the hot strip mills. Hot rolled products can be further processed to produce cold rolled products in the cold rolling mills.

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Customer Service

The goal of all CSC employees is to supply high quality steel products together with excellent technological service.

CSC produces a complete line of all grades and types of steel. It provides sales services with a sense of responsibility and feeling of accomplishment. It makes a reliable partner in all businesses.

It accepts requests for engineering and technical services, hoping to back up the entire local industry with its long accumulated technology momentum.

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Corporate Governance

China Steel Corporation was officially registered on December 3, 1971. Teamwork, entrepreneurial approach, pursuit of innovation and down-to-earthiness form the cornerstone of our corporate values. We insist on integrity and transparency in our operations, emphasis on stockholders' rights and interests, and upholding the highest standards in our governance...

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Corporate Citizen

Energy Saving & Environmental Protection

Community Friendliness

Maintaining a good community relationship is CSC's concept of community friendliness. CSC actively participates in activities which promote the development and quality of living in the neighboring communities...

Outreach Programs

Environment Protection & Conservation

CSC Corporate Social Responsibility

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