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Background of Business Development

On November 3, 2011, the President announces the new energy policy is that the vision for energy development requires that we “ensure nuclear safety, gradually reduce reliance on nuclear power, and create a green power and low-carbon environment to become a nuclear-free country”. In addition, under the three major principles of “no power rationing, maintaining reasonable power prices, and making good on our pledges to the international community to reduce carbon emissions”, the government will implement proactive policies to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and stable power supply in order to gradually reduce reliance on nuclear power. Regarding to creating a green energy environment, it could be promoted by energy saving, and low-carbon energy development.

Renewable energy is sustainable use of natural resources, mainly contains solar energy, wind power, biomass energy, hydro energy, geothermal energy and ocean energy, which in addition to hydro energy, wind power is the most mature technology. According to there are good conditions of wind farms in Taiwan, they are worthy to develop. To reach policy goals and objectives, Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs will make every effort to promote proactive policies, “Thousand Wind Turbines” Project. According to the project, the installed capacity of offshore wind turbine will reach 3,000MW by the end of 2025, summed up with onshore wind turbines to be over 1,000 turbines, as the total installed capacity being 4,200MW. Furthermore, the total installed capacity which makes up 30 % or more of the renewable energy promotion target, and it will be expected to become one of the main sources of domestic alternative energy.

Organization Chart of WP Business Development Committee
Business Vision
Development process
Feb., 2013 Organizing the Preparatory Committee for Founding OWP Business Unit
Aug.9th, 2013 Report in CSC’s Board Meeting for OWP Preparatory Office
Dec.12th, 2013 Establishment of Wind Power Business Development Committee
Sep.13th, 2016 Kickoff Meeting for Wind-Team Alliance
Strategic Planning
  • Promoting Wind-Team Alliance for Localization of Offshore Wind Turbine’s Components
  • Acquiring Contracts of Domestic Wind Power Business
  • Seeking Technical Collaboration with International Developers
  • Devoting to Supply of High Grade Green Steel Products for Offshore Wind Power Construction
  • Promoting Localization for Wind Power Supply Chain
  • Developing Project Management Business for Offshore Wind Power
  • Supplying the Stabilized Long-Term O&M Services to Offshore Wind Farms
  • Enhancing Economic Cost Structure of Wind Farms
  • Seeking out Opportunities for International Collaboration and Development in International Wind Power Business

Wind Power Market Development Section