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The Green Energy Business

Offshore Wind Power

Since the offshore wind power industry is a renewable energy industry with the highest demand for steel, CSC has not only produced high-quality steel for the use of wind farms but also invested in Sing Da Marine Structure Corporation (SDMS) and China Steel Power Corporation (CSPC), which are CSC's subsidiaries, to expand its business. By participating in Taiwan International Wind Power Training Corporation (TIWTC), CSC has provided assistance in nurturing the related talents and human resources. In collaboration with the local supply chain and working together with experienced and skillful professionals in Taiwan and abroad, CSC has assisted the government to upgrade the wind power industry in Taiwan in terms of technology and capacity in order to boost local economic development.

Sing Da Marine Structure Corporation delivered six jacket foundations that were 100% domestically produced in August 2022. The contract of thirty one substructures of #29 Offshore Farm Project was completed and passsed the owner's accetance in June 2023. These substructures already have been delivered completely in March 2024.

Financing for Zhong Neng Offshore Wind Farm, the amount of which was NT$45.2 billion, was a challenge as it required long-term loans with complex contract structures. Without the participation of an export credit agency, Zhong Neng Offshore Wind Farm had earned the trust and support from 20 domestic and foreign banks. It was the first offshore wind farm financing project in Taiwan with state-owned banks serving as the mandated leading arrangers. The project currently has the highest local content finance in Taiwan and is also the first offshore wind farm project in Taiwan to obtain a green loan certificate. It also gained recognition from “The Asset,” an international financial magazine, and was granted the title of “the Renewable Energy Deal of the Year - Offshore Wind.”

The first domestic floating solar photovoltaic system was installed on a large water storage tank in an industrial park, demonstrating the combined application of green energy and resource recycling.

Solar Photovoltaics

In response to the renewable energy policy of the government, CSC Solar Corporation was established in October 2016; it is responsible for promoting the development of CSC's solar power generation business. In the initial stage, CSC Solar Corporation installed solar power generation devices on the rooftops of all the plants of the subsidiaries with a total capacity greater than 80 MW to achieve the target of reducing carbon emissions with green electricity.

As of the end of 2022, CSC Solar Corporation had installed a capacity of approximately 62 MW on the rooftops of CSC's plant, which was the largest rooftop solar photovoltaic project site of a single company in Taiwan. Since September 15th, 2017, the cumulative installed capacity of the solar photovoltaic systems by CSC Solar Corporation for14 subsidiaries of the CSC Group, including CSC, Dragon Steel, Chung Hung Steel C.S. Aluminum Corporation, China Steel Machinery Corporation, CHC Resources Corporation, China Steel Chemical Corporation, etc., has reached 92.4 MW, and the cumulative power generation has reached about 430 million kWh. In the future, CSC Group can contribute at least 105 million kWh of green electricity and 53,000 tons of CO2 reduction annually.

Regarding the promotion of the national renewable energy policy in the future, CSC Solar Corporation will construct the roof-type solar photovoltaic systems steadily and seize the chance to develop the ground-based PV power stations. In addition, it will simultaneously expand its services to enterprises related to various industrial chains of the CSC Group to establish a large-scale rooftop solar photovoltaic operating model. CSC Solar Corporation has obtained a license to sell green energy and will apply for a Renewable Energy Certificate to trade green energy to promote the development of the green energy market.

The capacity of the solar photovoltaic system on the rooftop of CSC's plant is approximately 62 MW, which is currently the largest rooftop solar photovoltaic project site of a single company in Taiwan.