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CSC's manufacturing process is composed of raw material preparation, ironmaking, steelmaking, and rolling.

  • Rolling


    looms are fed into the billet mill to be shaped into billets and further processed into bars or wire rod products in the bar or rod mills. Slabs are fed into the plate mill to be rolled into plates or processed into hot rolled products in the hot strip mills. Hot rolled products can be further processed to produce cold rolled products in the cold rolling mills.

  • Steelmaking


    Hot metal and steel scrap are charged into the basic oxygen furnaces to be processed into liquid steel, most of which is transported to the refining stations for further treatment, and then sent to the continuous casters to produce slabs or blooms which are semi-finished products.

  • Ironmaking


    Lump ore, sinter and coke, together with fluxes are fed into the blast furnaces, to produce molten iron (hot metal) and slag. Hot metal is then transferred to the basic oxygen furnaces in railway ladle cars.

  • Raw material preparation

    Raw material preparation

    Coal, iron ore, and limestone are unloaded to the storage yard. Coal is then transferred to coke oven plants to produce coke; iron ore and limestone are transferred to the sinter plants to produce sinter.

Production Flow Chart
Product Introduction

The plate mill is mainly equipped with the walking-beam continuous reheating furnaces, high-pressure descaling box, 4-high reversing rolling mill with hydraulic AGC system, γ-ray thickness gage, 24m-long on- line accelerated cooling system, 3600-tonleveler, rolling-disc type cooling bed, on-line automatic ultrasonic testing system, and normalizing furnace.1 million tons of plates are produced annually with the dimensions of 6 to 90mm in thickness, 1524 to 3800mm in width, and 3048 to 18000mm in length.CSC’s plates are used in manufacturing construction structures, shipbuilding, bridges, line pipes, machine structures, pressure vessels, and plate products with atmospheric-resistance and corrosion- resistance.Due to the excellent process control in the mill, CSC’s plates have better thickness and flatness tolerances than those specified by most of the international standards. China Steel has been upgrading its production technology actively in terms of developing products with high quality and functions.Some of the developed products are as follows: 1.High-strength plates for ultra-heavy constructionstructural use: They are plates with tensile strength of 570Mpa and more, thickness up to 80mm, low yield/tensile ratios, narrow strength ranges, and good weldability.They were used as the steel frames in the skyscraper of the Taipei Financial Center. 2.Extra Low Yield Vibration-resistant Plates.....

Both steel bars and wire rods are rolled from reheated billets. CSCsupplies bars in two forms, namely straight bars and bars in coils, with the available nominal diameters from 5.5mm to 13mm for straight bars and from 14mm to 55mm for bars in coils.The rods are in a coil form only, with the available nominal diameters from 5.5mm to 13mm.The total annual production for both is around 1.77 million tons, of which the product assortmentsare 35% for low carbon steel, 18% for medium high carbon steel, 26% for cold heading steel, and 21% for low alloy steel. By the application of different processing techniques, steel bars and wire rods can be used for manufacturing general structures, machine structures, hard wires, and weld electrodes, and so on; they are also ideal materials for products which demand cold heading processing and hot forging processing.To meet the requirements of automated production and theupgrade of product quality for CSC’s downstream customers, CSC has developed spheroidized products that are suitable for direct cold heading use...

The hot rolled plant whose annual production capacity is 7 million tons operates on two lines of hot strip
mills. In addition to the basic rolling facilities, it is equipped with a variety of cutting-edge facilities such as
the edge heater, the hydraulic automatic gage and width control system, the work roll bending system, the
work roll shift system, and the automatic profile and flatness control system. It is one of the most
competitive plants in the world because the quality of our products has reached international standards.
Hot- rolled products are made from slabs which are reheated in the reheating furnaces, rolled in the
roughing mill and the finishing mill, cooled in the laminar spray way, down coiled into hot bands, and
delivered to the hot-rolled finishing mill for skin pass, crop shearing, inspection, weighing, packaging, and
marking. Presently, the types of hot-rolled products CSC supplies are hot-rolled bands(or hot-rolled coils,
non-skinpassed), hot-rolled coils, hot rolled plates, hot rolled sheets, and hot-rolled pickled and oiled coil.
The available sizes are 1.20~5.99mm in thickness for hot-rolled sheets, 1.20~6.50mm for hot-rolled coils,
hot- rolled pickled and oiled coils, 2.00~12.7mm for hot-rolled bands, 6.00~12.7mm for hot-rolled plates,
and 850~1,860mm in width for all types except hot-rolled pickled and oiled coils which range between

The annual production capacity is 1.8 million tons with the available sizes of 0.30~3.20mm in thickness,
850~1,650mm in width for carbon steel, and 0.55~1.60mm in thickness, 850~1,260 in width for high
strength low alloy steel.

The following are the distinguishing features and application of cold-rolled products:
1.Luster: CQZ and DQ with bright and fine luster can be used as fundamental materials in producing
automobile body parts, and home appliances which demand excellent appearance quality.
2.Diversity and mechanical uniformity: CQS can be used in producing steel drums, and CQ1 in producing
piping. SPCE( extra deep drawing mild steel) can be used in producing automobile parts which demand
strict processing. High strength steel can be used in producing structures or reinforcing parts.
3.Expansibility: After cold rolled products are processed, they can be further treated with heat, e.g.
carburization or nitrocarburization, to make their surfaces hardened and more abrasion resistant.

Colored Steel Coils
With the production capacity of 150,000 tons per year, colored steel coils are made from 0.15~1.20 mm of
cold-rolled coils or galvanized coils as base metals, which are processed with surface phosphate or ....

Electrical Steel Coils
Electrical steel coils are made by using extra low carbon and low nitrogen cold-rolled steel as the base
metal, which is firstly tempered to possess a specific magnetic property by applying a special hot rolling ..

Electro-galvanized Steel Coils
The production capacity is 325,000 tons per year, and the available sizes are 0.3~1.6mm in thickness,
850 ~ 1670mm in width, with the maximum coil weight of 30 tons, the maximum outer diameter of ..

Hot-dip Galvanized & Galvanneal Steel Coils
China Steel has the only Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL) that produces both Zn-coated steel coils
(referred to as GI) and Zn-Fe coated steel coils (referred to as GA) in Taiwan. The production capacity..

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