The CSC Group Education Foundation

CSC, as a leader in Taiwan's steel industry, established the CSC Group Education Foundation in 2006 through the CSC board of directors to further expand and implement corporate social responsibility. The board of directors of the foundation was formed by cross-sectoVr experts. It is a national non-profit organization and has established a good international image for the group companies so far.
CSC Group Education Foundation aims to promote education and cultivate talents in steel-related fields, care for ecological conservation, enhance the humanistic spirit, and pursue sustainable development as its mission to promote the concept of holistic education.

Event Amount of 2020 (10,000 TWD) Amount of 2021 (10,000 TWD) Amount of 2022 (10,000 TWD)
Administrative expenses 76 84 78
Expanded activities related to steel 34 55 44
Grants to the nurturing of research talent 129 145 135
Promotion of sustainable development of the environment 458 424 466
Promotion of educational activities of arts 355 484 449
Other charitable educational affairs 46 45 103
Total 1,098 1,237 1,275


Highlights of 2022

Target Audience
Achievements in 2022
Promote steel-related educational activities Popular Science Education Activities Collaborated with National Sun Yat-sen University to invite high school students to visit laboratories as to encourage women to participate in the field of natural science and technology. A series of visits were held on 2/10 in the first half of the year and on 7/4-8 in the second half of the year, introducing 14 research laboratories including the Toxicology Rapid Screening Center, Underwater Vehicle Research and Development Center, and Marine Animal Physiology, attracting nearly 800 students from over 60 high schools across Taiwan. Through understanding the research direction and future development of the laboratories, students were encouraged to pursue their dreams.
Female Science and Technology Talent Cultivation Program The “Model Learning - Experience Sprouting - Spread Your Wings: Female Science and Technology Talent Cultivation Program” invites female engineers from production, technology and engineering departments to Tainan and Kaohsiung junior high/high schools to serve as female role models in STEM fields. Through sharing their learning and working experiences, they help the students to learn about the actual work of female scientists and gain confidence and courage to enter the field of science and technology.
Organized the Steel Circular Economy and Related Course Activities
  • The Foundation collaborated with CSC to open a special seminar on steel fabrication. In the first semester of 2022, a special course on steel production was offered in the master's program classes of the Department of Materials of National Tsing Hua University, National Chung Hsing University, and National Cheng Kung University, with a total of 90 students taking the course. Due to the pandemic, CSC and DSC have not yet opened their doors for external visits, so the factory visit part of the course has been cancelled.
  • Introduction to steelmaking equipment is planned for the master's program in the Departments of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at National Sun Yat-sen University. The course is planned to start in February 2023, which will provide practical benefits to the cultivation and recruitment of diversified talents, and may be extended to other universities in the future depending on the circumstances of the course.
Steel Journey Activity The Steel Journey activity was organized in collaboration with CSC's Public Affairs Department in 2022. In view of CSC's suspension of external visits due to the COVID-19 outbreak over the past two years, an online learning system was designed for students to overcome different obstacles via remote learning. Students who got full marks can receive exclusive souvenirs from the CSC Group Education Foundation. This activity was participated by 1,200 students in total.
Awards and scholarships for science and technology related to steel and environmental protection Steel Talent Scholarship Students from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at five universities for the 2022 Steel Talent Scholarship at the China Steel Building, namely National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chung Hsing University, National Cheng Kung University, and National Sun Yat-sen University. Scholarships were awarded to 18 students upon multiple rounds of test and interviews, and 191 students have received the Steel Talent Scholarship since 2007.
Organize Steel and Environmental Protection Related Technical Seminars The seminars were held in conjunction with the upstream, midstream and downstream of the steel industry to refine the technology, including heat treatment technology and practical seminar, high performance structural steel plate video conference seminar, and hot rolled products technology video conference seminar.
World Steel Making Challenge Assisted the college students of Taiwan to participate in the preliminaries of the World Steel Association Steel Making Challenge (Asia Pacific). The top three students in the student group will receive scholarships as an incentive to participate in the event. In particular, the Department of Materials of National Chung Hsing University trains students to participate in this competition, and its students have won the world championship in the student category in both 2017 and 2019.
Environmental Conservation and Care for Sustainable Environmental Development Adoption of Kaohsiung Park Irregular ecological surveys are conducted in Kaohsiung Park, which occupies an area of 5.8 hectares, to record data. At the same time, promote greening in the park to provide open space for residents in the Xiaogang District and to reduce carbon emissions.
Summer Ecology Camp In 2022, the Summer Ecology Camp will be held at the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium in Pingtung, with two overnight stays at the Museum. 80 Students from elementary in the camp. Spaces for the camp were rapidly booked out as soon as registration opened, which shows the public's affirmation for the effectiveness of the Foundation's long-running ecology camps. We also combined environmental education, life practices, and stargazing courses to enrich the students' learning, allowing participants to have a better understanding of the relationship between marine ecosystem and humans.
Light Up and Spread the Love We sponsored the National Science and Technology Museum to organize the “2022 Light Up and Spread the Love Tour” to promote disadvantaged students to visit the Museum and to balance educational resources to enhance the effectiveness of school teaching. In addition, the Group has set up a climate change exhibition hall in the Museum for students to learn about the efforts of CSC in environmental issues such as circular economy.
KRTC Summer Camp We sponsored the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation to hold the 2022 KRTC Summer Camp for 120 elementary school students to learn more about the public transportation system, including a tour of the control center, large-scale public art and maintenance work, in order to encourage the children to make more use of the public transportation system to achieve the common goal of a carbon-reduced life and environmental sustainability. The students were very impressed to be able to enter the MRT maintenance factory and learn how to use the escape equipment in the vehicles in case of emergency.
Collaborated with the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts on the “KMFA - What's in the Lake” event. KMFA retained the pools used for soaking timber in the past, making it the only museum in Taiwan that has an ecological pool. However, the concept of releasing foreign species in the pools has led to an increase in the number of foreign species, which in turn has reduced the living space for native species. On the day of the event, Professor Liang Shih-Hsiung from National Taiwan Normal University was invited to introduce the research on the impact of invasive fish species on the ecosystem and how to remove them, so as to draw the public's attention to environmental conservation. Lastly, the participants made fish-shaped key rings by hand to deepen their impression.
In conjunction with the parent-child activities at the CSC's Shou Shan Zoo Celebration event, we invited Guangxing Elementary School in Meinong District, Xiaolin Elementary School in Jiaxian District, Longxing Elementary School in Liugui District, Yuemei Elementary School in Shanlin District, and Taiwu Elementary School in Taiwu Township, Pingtung County. The participating students are looking forward to the renovated zoo as they will be able to observe the animals up close.
Passing on traditional craftsmanship Traditional Art Development at Nanan Elementary School Nanan Elementary School has long been committed to promoting shadow puppetry and the performance of Sizhu (silk and bamboo) instruments with excellent results. CSC has been sponsoring their traditional art development activities since the 2018 academic year to help inherit and preserve art heritage and culture.
Traditional Art Development at Guangxing Elementary School In order to promote the preservation of traditional culture and arts, the Foundation partnered with Guangxing Elementary School in Meinong District to hold the “Traditional Craft - Recreating Indigo Dyeing” course. The hands-on experience of learning about Hakka culture and the completion of a piece of artwork by parents and children added a lot of warmth to the event.
Traditional Art Development at Fu'an Elementary School In collaboration with Fu'an Elementary School in Meinong District, the “Hup Hup Pull Out the Turnip” course was held to learn about the relationship between crops and people through local history, and to experience the taste of nature by picking and pickling turnips.

Other public welfare education affairs in line with the establishment purpose

  • Environmental Classroom: In collaboration with Professor Tsai Chih-Chung of the Institute of Environmental Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University, an environmental classroom was built in Fu'an Elementary School in Meinong District. This classroom incorporates the concepts of water recirculation piggy bank and BOF Slag to help develop the school's special curriculum, such as: circular economy - BOF Slag pot plant, circular economy - waste soil into gold, popular science - and exploring the experience of circular economy. The environmental classroom was used to organize activities that gave students and people from the nearby community the opportunity to learn more about the meaning of circular economy and the environmental efforts of CSC.



  • Campus Talks: In 2022 in cooperation with DSC and United Daily News, a total of six talks were held. Well-known professionals were invited to the high school campuses to share their life experiences with young students and letting them meet the masters on their youthful journey.
    2022/4/27 Director Yang Li-Chou shared: The Great Power of Truth Gushan Senior High School
    2022/9/21 Floral designer Wu Shang-Yang shared: Your Terrible Life is More Wonderful than You Think Fucheng Senior High School
    2022/10/19 Ambassador Michel Lu shared: My Future is Not Just a Dream - Challenges and Opportunities Taichung City
    Longjin Senior High School
    2022/11/23 Artist Hank Cheng shared: My Micro Life Pingtung County
    Fangliao Senior High School
    2022/11/25 Circus master Allen Lin shared: From Circus to Circus Brand - the Untold Story on Stage Zhongshan Senior High School
    2023/1/6 Mountaineer Chan Chiao-Yu shared: From Zero to Maximum, from Hobby to Work - the Experience of Three Fish Fengshan Senior High School

    Sponsorship of Charity Concerts to Support the Disadvantaged

  • Sponsorship of charity concerts
    9/17 Once again, we invited The Bleinders orchestra of the visually impaired to hold a “Life Education” concert, inviting teachers, students, and parents of elementary and middle school students around the Social Education Center to join the concert. Through ingenious arrangements of songs such as “Sisters” and “We Are Different,” participants were able to understand more about the visually impaired and witness the resilience of life.
    October, November Sponsored the Tainan Choir for the Visually Impaired to organize the 2022 “Respect for the Elderly and Support for the Young” tour to Tainan's Wu Jia Educational and Nursing Institution, National Tainan Special School, Mennonite Tainan Leisure Park, Private Changtai and Nursing Institute of Tainan, St. Raphael Opportunity Center, Tainan Home of Philanthropy, YMCA Dehui Court Nursing Center, My Home My Love Foundation Nursing Center, and Tian Tan Conservation Center, to inspire the community with their own life stories.
    10/1 Organized a concert for wheelchair users with cellist Chang Chen-Chieh. On the day of the event, more than 120 wheelchair users and their companions attended the concert to enjoy the world class concert. Yang De-Ming, Chief Executive Officer of Kaohsiung Sanshan Spinal Injury Reconstruction Association, Yang De-Ming, said: This concert encourages the wheelchair community to come out of their closed living circle, and it has become an important event that wheelchair friends look forward to every year.
    10/24 Organized the “Walk to the End of the Earth Concert” at the Shuangliu National Forest Recreation Area in Pingtung with cellist Chang Chen-Chieh. Mr. Chang, who felt that students in the remote areas of the countryside have little opportunity to enter the concert hall due to the limited transportation and cultural stimulation. More than 200 teachers and students from Pingtung County were specially invited to enjoy the event.
  • Promoting Musical Events with the Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural & Arts Foundation Assisted with the ticketing of the following concerts: “Ode to Nature,” “Heaven on the Fingertips,” “When Chinese Orchestra Meets Electronic Music,” “Madama Butterfly,” “It Takes Two to Strike a Chord,” “Good Night, Crimea,” “The traditional opera collections,” “Classical Romance,” and “Hopes for the Future”, to invite the colleagues to attend the concerts.
  • Promoting Musical Events with the Kaohsiung Baroque Camerata Assisted with the concerts of “L’inspiration de Bach” and “Dazzling & Enchanting - Shunske Sato╳Baroque Camerata” to invite the colleagues to attend the concerts. We also invited the Baroque Camerata to the Social Education Hall in Xiaogang to hold the “Proverbs of Love”, a program of familiar tunes to bring the public back to memories of Teresa Teng’s classic songs.