Upgrading Steel-using Industries

The steel industry is the foundation of Taiwan’s economic development. CSC has been adhering to the philosophy of upgrading the industry by enhancing the materials since its foundation 60 years ago. CSC has been gradually integrating the upstream and downstream supply chains in the steel industry and providing a full range of technical services to assist in the upgrading and transformation of steel-consuming industries in Taiwan. CSC carries on fulfilling its critical role as the driving force behind Taiwan’s metal manufacturing industry. Faced with competition from steel mills in China and emerging countries along with tariff barriers from various countries in recent years, CSC not only offers excellent steel products and technological capabilities, but also integrates resources from the industry, the government, and the academia in Taiwan. As such, CSC has helped a host of steel-using industries, such as the fastener, hand tool, auto parts, electric vehicle motor, and wind turbine tower industries, carry out innovation in product and application technology, thereby reinforcing the development of steel-using industries and enhancing their competitiveness.

  • ● Strengthening the Manufacturing Capabilities of the Fastener Industry Chain
    CSC continues to help introduce resources and provides customized materials for fastener products to have stable mechanical properties, creating product differentiation and premium products. We identify and fill in gaps in industry processing technologies, and collaborate with other industries. We continue to work with the Alliance for High Value Fasteners of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, in order to help the fastener industry develop high value products, develop forming and design analysis technologies, introduce R&D resources, and facilitate industry connections. With the creation of the “Taiwan Fastener Service Cloud,” which contains a knowledge platform, matchmaking platform, and technology service platform, CSC helps downstream customers transform their business models with online innovation and e-commerce using a thematic index. As a result, international buyers can immediately search for fastener products and Taiwanese manufacturers, making domestic companies better known for marketing worldwide. Contents of the knowledge platform include a knowledgebase of fasteners, news of the fastener industry, latest information on fastener technology, latest information on fastener patents, and theme-based patent analysis. We will continue to add contents to the knowledgebase, patent analysis and patent index, forum discussion, and Q&A functions, so as to increase the depth of contents and expand the breadth of services provided on the Taiwan Fastener Service Cloud.
  • ● High-value Next-generation Hand Tools
    CSC and the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre jointly implemented the Hand Tools Competitiveness Enhancement Project to guide the hand tools industry to engage in R&D and process improvement for more refined products, and thereby enhance the competitiveness of the domestic hand tools industry. The project systematically collects data on material characteristics and forms a database for heat treatment and forming, which will benefit future development of smart manufacturing and digital simulation, and continue to provide technical services, including materials R&D, surface treatment, and structural analysis.
  • ● High-value Auto Parts Industry Chain
    In response to the automobile manufacturers placing greater emphasis on the lightweight and safety design of automobiles, CSC is actively obtaining product certifications from automobile manufacturers, and developed high hole expansion hot-rolled products and cold-rolled ultra high strength steel for motor vehicles. However, the traditional cold stamping process encountered two technical bottlenecks, difficulty with processing and material resilience. In addition to helping manufacturers improve yield and timeliness and reduce development costs through quality function deployment and computer simulation, CSC has also developed hot stamping and forming techniques to fix problems in cold working for high-strength steel once and for all. Therefore, CSC has founded Honley Auto. Parts Co., Ltd. with resources from various companies and MIRDC, in hope of enhancing the overall competitiveness of Taiwan’s automotive industry through highly flexible operation methods among private enterprises and the sales networks of automobile manufacturers. High strength aluminum alloy plays an important role in making vehicles lighter. CSC not only developed high strength aluminum alloys, but also developed warm/hot forming technologies for aluminum alloy plates, in order to increase the application of high strength aluminum alloys in vehicles, and further contribute to the energy conservation and carbon reduction of the the automobile industry.
  • ● Electrical Steel for Electric Vehicle Motors
    The thin top gauge electrical steel developed by CSC’s technical team after breaking through technical bottlenecks has earned recognition worldwide as this product is currently used by a host of world-renown automobile and motor manufacturers. In an effort to enhance the competitiveness and dominance of CSC's electric vehicle motor supply chain on an ongoing basis, CSC has successfully developed fast-curing self-adhesive coating C3S1. CSC has also established a demonstrative production line for mass production of self-bonding coating motor core, accepted visits from customers, and provided technical guidance.
  • ● Local Offshore Wind Power Industry Chain
    In the face of issues such as global warming and climate change, the government of Taiwan has taken proactive measures to develop the offshore wind power industry since Taiwan owns excellent offshore wind farms. Taking into account of the harsh operating environment and the performance needs of offshore wind turbines, ultra-thick steel plates are used in the construction of offshore wind turbines because they are able to meet strict requirements such as high strength, high percentage reduction of area, and low-temperature impact toughness. CSC not only produces ultra-thick steel plates for wind turbine towers and underwater foundations, but also invests in Sing Da Marine Structure Corporation to import production technologies, it’s a foresight in the offshore wind power industry. By teaming up with around 20 manufacturers in Taiwan’s supply chain, CSC is committed to fostering the local offshore wind power industry chain with the intention of helping the government promote the manufacture and supply of underwater foundations for offshore wind farms and invigorating the local economy.

On the other hand, CSC has run a diverse range of innovative industrial upgrading platforms in a pragmatic, systematic, step-by-step, and orderly manner based on the concept of the common good demonstrated through co-existence and mutual benefit in the industrial ecosystem where “to benefit others is to benefit ourselves.” During the period between 2006 and 2014, CSC has set up 16 steel-using industry R&D alliances and invited 66 companies and eight academic and research organizations to complete 13 technology projects. Furthermore, a wide variety of industrial upgrading solutions have also been launched through these R&D alliances to deepen cooperation between CSC, academic and research organizations, and strategic partners. The main concept of steel-using industry upgrade is to elevate the value of downstream end products and improve the overall competitiveness of the steel industry through technological research and development, collaborative innovation, strategic investment, channel construction, and brand creation. In drawing the attention of academic institutions to the industry, the “Engineering Research Center” and “R&D Testing Center” were set up in collaboration with academic and research units in 2008. As for having downstream vendors focusing on industry development, a “Joint Research Laboratory” was established through the alliance between CSC and strategic manufacturers in 2010. In 2015, CSC further cooperated with the Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers' Association (THTMA) and jointly promoted an “Alliance of Steel-related Industries” in collaboration with the CSD. With respect to collaboration with the government, CSC has carried out 13 technological projects during two R&D alliance sessions. In addition, the company implemented the project of “Next-gen Steel, Green Processes, and Product Innovation” during Phase I of academia-industry collaboration project from 2013 to 2018 and the “Intelligent Platform for Integrated Design of New-generation Auto Power Drive Modules” during Phase II from 2018 to 2021.

In 2020, CSC took one step further and adopted “driving the steel-using industry upgrade” as one of the business strategies. Besides offering technical services to external parties and developing customized materials as well as incorporating the strategy to be a key theme in a leading-edge steel mill development, the action helped with forming an industry environment necessary for a leading-edge steel milll. A competitive and sustainable supply chain is essential to the refined power drive carrying CSC value and quality.

Domestic and International Associations

Domestic Association

CSC actively participates in the activities hold by domestic institutes and associations to strengthen mutual cooperation. We plan to conduct a questionnaire survey on the participation in ESG issues and their disposition towards climate policy.

The major institutes and associations CSC participated in 2022 are as follows:

Field Organization Visions & Goals
Steel Industry Taiwan Steel and Iron Industries Association
CSC Chairman Chao-Tung Wong as the chairman
To assist the government with economic development and foreign investments and coordinate relationship among peers for the collaboration and development of the steel industry as well as common interests.
Chinese Institute of Engineers
CSC Vice President Shou-Tou Chen is as a director
To strengthen close ties and interactions with members and professional institutes worldwide.
To advance the technology, expertise and professionalism in engineering.
To enhance the welfare of people and society by introducing applied engineering and advanced technology.
Corporate Sustainability Enterprise member of Taiwan Business Council for Sustainable Development of To cooperate with members in promoting corporate sustainability and environmental protection for the purpose of sustainability.
Director of Taiwan Association of Soil and Groundwater Environmental Protection
Director of Center for Corporate Sustainability To help develop national construction, enhance engineering-related expertise and skills, and promote the well-being of the people and society through the application of engineering and technology.
Taiwan-U.S. CCUS Industry Promotion Alliance
President Shyi-Chin Wang is a founder
Net zero emissions is the international goal for mitigating climate change. We reviewed Taiwan's development opportunities and strategies for carbon neutrality and CCUS based on international development and promotion experience with carbon neutrality and CCUS, accelerating the achievement of carbon neutrality by domestic enterprises.
Founding member of Taiwan Association for Net Zero Emission Based on the core philosophy of “advocating for net zero emission among enterprises and organizations and assisting the government in making Taiwan carbon neutral,” Taiwan Association for Net Zero Emission aims to guide all sectors of society in Taiwan towards net zero emission, drive the trend of net zero emission in Taiwan, and assist the government in making Taiwan carbon neutral.

Amount of membership fees and donations for domestic and overseas industry associations

Domestic and overseas industry associations Amount of membership fees and donations in 2022 Note
World Steel Association AISBL 6,843,194 Highest amount
Taiwan Association for Net Zero Emission 2,400,000 Second highest amount
Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy 300,000 Third
Taiwan Steel and Iron Industries Association 300,000 Third
Others 3,168,915
Total Amount 13,012,109

International Association

International Collaboration

Organization Means of Exchange and Cooperation Benefit

World Steel Association, worldsteel
As a key member
  • CSC participates in the sustainability reporting task force and provides data, offers opinions, and participates in public communication campaign.
  • CSC participates in the committees of technology, safety and health, environment, raw materials, economy, as well as product sustainability.
  • CSC takes parts in CO2 data collections, LCA, energy consumption, and sustainability reporting or joins expert groups and offers comments as well as supports public communication campaign.
CSC shares experiences via exchanges, cooperation, and services, and thereby obtains the latest development and stays connected to the global steel industry.

South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute, SEAISI
As a key member
  • CSC assists with matters associated with steel technology and environment, safety and health, and takes parts in economic discussions and technology training programs.
  • CSC supports the arrangement of SEAISI's annual conference and technical seminar, travelling seminars, and ASEAN technology forum, and shares reports of technology, environment, safety and health, and statistics as well as Taiwan country reports.
Through maintaining good interaction and collaboration with other steel industries in neighboring countries, CSC obtains information on the development of regional industries, technologies, and policies, which provides a good basis for business development and strategic cooperation.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD
CSC regularly participates in the meetings of the OECD Steel Committee under the instruction of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • CSC represents the industry under the instruction of the officials (Ministry of Economic Affairs and embassies abroad) and academia (MIRDC) to participate in the OECD Steel Committee in order to obtain the latest information on the global steel environment, related policies and economy.
  • With this international platform, CSC can obtain important information on the steel industry and environmental protection as well as increase Taiwan's visibility participation in international agendas.
  • With this platform, CSC is able to communicate with official steel authorities in different countries and seek opportunities to break through the existing trade barriers.