CSC Vision

    We aspire to be a trustworthy steel company of global distinction that pursues growth, environmental protection, energy saving and value-innovation.


The major products of CSC are steel plates, steel bars, wire rods, hot-rolled coils and sheets, cold-rolled coils, electro-galvanized coils, hot-dip galvanized coils, magnetic steel coils, and so on. CSC follows the quality policy, “based on customer orientation to keep the innovation of R&D, provide excellent and eco-friendly products and consequently fulfill responsibility to society....



To effectively perform our responsibility for
environmental protection, energy conservation, and emission reduction, under the Production Division (W) we have established the Environmental Protection Department and Utilities Department (W5) ...


Message from Top Management

In 2015, overproduction was still severe for global steel market which cause fierce price competition and shrank the profit of steel industry. Most of the major steel companies were losing money while China Steel Corporation (CSC) is still making money. Key measures for CSC to keep profitable were cost control, raising the ratio of green steel products and reinforce sales channel, etc. The green steel ratio reached the highest ever of 56.31% while we achieved decent performances in areas such as new products development, process technology renew and quality control system verification.

Corporate Governance

CSC draws its short-, mid- and long-term strategies based on its vision: “We aspire to be a trustworthy steel company of global distinction that pursues growth, environmental protection, energy saving, and value innovation” for the sustainable development. For pursuing the sustainable development, CSC focuses on the endeavors in: ....


The steel industry is capital-intensive since it requires a huge amount of investment in production equipment. Additionally, coal and iron materials account for a high percentage of the production cost of steel products. In order to control and manage costs and maintain competitiveness, CSC continuously promotes various advanced initiatives.


CSC Group is one of the primary suppliers of important structural materials for green buildings. In order to promote the concepts and applications of green building technologies, CSC has sponsored green building constructions in Taiwan to contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emission.


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