Operational Finance

CSC follows the business philosophy of “Implementing Actual Performance,” and continues to create profits through increasing income and reducing costs. When there is a surplus in the year, under the maintenance of a stable financial structure, the annual surplus will be returned to shareholders in the form of dividend distribution to establish the value of the company's long-term investment.

CSC makes short, mid, and long-term goals to reach financial stability. By fully implementing the action plans, CSC assists the Group companies in making financial plans and financial integration projects. In compliance with the goal of "high-value premium steel company," CSC continues to raise product value, improve gross profit structure, in order to reach the profitability rate and sales ratio of the premium products reach 20% in 2030.

Action Plan

Financial information platform

Establish a banking business integrated data platform to improve operational efficiency; continue to expand functions of the group capital system to optimize capital usage and lower financial risks; continue to optimize the group financial information inquiry platform, and provide access to important financial management information.


Transparent Communication Channels

  • CSC participated in the investor conferences and road shows held by the brokers to have face-to-face communication with domestic and international investors.
  • CSC website has Investor Section in both Chinese and English, where financial information will be regularly disclosed, as well as the investor conference presentation, annual report, and stock-related information.
    CSC website has a Stakeholder Section where the contact information of the spokesperson, deputy spokesperson, and stock affair/IR unit is disclosed. Shareholder service e-mail and free shareholder hotline have been established to instantly respond to the questions and comments of the shareholders/investors.


Implementation Results

According to the update status of equipment and operating conditions, CSC properly plans funding sources and dividend policies and adjusts the dividend distribution rate to meet the expectations of shareholders and investors, and retain appropriate funding positions to meet capital expenditure needs.

CSC's rating by Taiwan Ratings and Fitch Ratings remained the same in 2022, in which the outlook of Taiwan Ratings changed from stable to "positive"; the outlook of Fitch Ratings was maintained at "stable." It is evident that rating agencies recognize CSC's ability to respond to fluctuations in the steel market through its cost advantage and the ability to maintain steady and stable cash flow. Maintaining good performance in credit ratings will help with short-, mid- and long-term financing and reduce financing costs.

2022 Credit Rating

Rating Agency Credit Rating Rating Outlook Effective Date
Long-Term Short-term
Taiwan Ratingss twAA- twA-1+ Positive 2022/04/28
Fitch Ratings AA(twn) F1+(twn) Stable 2022/12/07


Business Performances



Operating Revenues
Operating Expenses
Net Profit

Operating Revenues

Unit: 1,000 TWD 2020 2021 2022
Sales Revenue 177,864,295 254,290,694 244,865,758
Service Revenue and Others 5,977,231 5,491,777 5,734,871
Total Operating Revenue 183,841,526 259,782,471 250,600,629

Dividend Distribution

In 2022, the amount of distributable earnings was 33.791 billion TWD, the Board of Directors adopted the resolution to distribute a cash dividend of 1.4 TWD per preferred share and cash dividend of 1 TWD per common share. Dividend distribution and return on investment over the past three years are as follows:
Unit: TWD 2020 2021 2022
EPS 0.05 4.02 1.15
Cash Dividend 0.3 3.1 1
Stock Dividend 0 0 0
ROE (%) 0.3% 19.32% 5.32%
P/E Ratio 424.8 8.27 27.77
P/D Ratio 70.8 10.73 31.94
Cash Dividend Yield (%) 1.41% 9.32% 3.13%

According to CSC's Articles of Incorporation, in case of any earnings earned in any given fiscal year being reported from the final annual accounting, CSC shall appropriate or reverse a special reserve firstly after taxes, losses and legal reserves have been paid, made up and set aside respectively. Secondly, a preferred share dividend shall be distributed at 14% of the par value. In case the account still remains any distributable earnings, additional bonuses shall be distributed according to the percentage of shares held by each shareholder of preferred and common shares.

CSC's cash dividend payout ratio is approximately 60~80%. For future dividend distribution, the Company will make best effort seeking balance between long-term growth stability and investor's expected dividend yield.