Customer Service




CSC supplies steel materials in a suitable, appropriate and timely manner and adopts the concept of “multi-level services” by conducting customer service in three stages: pre-sales, during-sales, and after-sales. The service manpower includes in-plant technical people and R&D experts, which assist the customers in solving problems of materials application and technology, and so promote the growth of the steel industry accordingly.

Service Management and Performances

The Technical Service Section of Metallurgical Dept. is responsible for the customer technical service, with the vision of “winning customers’ appreciation and trust, helping customers succeed” and with the purpose of “helping customers improve their technology and promoting the upgrading of the steel industry”. There are two main functions for The Technical Service Section. One is to represent CSC to provide the knowledge of product application and solve the problem for customers; the other is to represent customers to request CSC to develop and supply products for customers' needs. To strengthen and implement customer service, the Technical Service Section has set clear management objectives to follow up and reviewed their results by month.

Service Performances

The main customer technical services achievements in 2021 were as follows:

  • Provided 9 market quality feedback to effectively improve quality in plants; visited key customers and engaged in 88 technology exchanges to gain an in-depth understanding of customer needs, and improve product quality; assisted customers in improving 215 process technologies, in which 7 are related to product safety and increase customers' confidence in CSC's materials.
  • Completed 9 industry material use and trend surveys, and 9 new product demand surveys and quality function deployment, which helped us determine customer demand on new materials and discover opportunities for developing new products.
  • Expanded steel for motor vehicles, completed the verification of 6 types of steel for motor vehicles. Cumulatively, we obtained certification from 27 motor vehicle manufacturers and 268 certifications, meeting the requirements for steel products to be used by motor vehicle manufacturers.


Customer satisfaction

CSC entrusts academic institutions to conduct customer satisfaction survey every year. Both domestic and foreign customers are surveyed. Issues of concern are reviewed as important references for developing operational guidelines. Three lowest issues and every opinion are committed to responsible units to establish and implement corrective action plans, specify the status of implementation in the improvement report, submit results for discussion at “Steel Product System Management Review Meeting”, and follow up the effectiveness of implementation.

In response to the opinions expressed in the customer satisfaction survey, after improvement results and policy explanations are announced on the e-commerce system, they are sent to customers along with the questionnaire in the following year. This feedback measure shows that we attach importance to and respect customers, eliminating customers' concerns and building consensus and mutual trust with customers. We also provide a customer service mailbox for customers to immediately report issues. After receiving a report, we will send dedicated personnel to respond and handle the issue as soon as possible.

Due to decreasing in reply to satisfaction survey, the questionnaire was adjusted and could be filled out on internet since 2019 for purpose to increase the willingness to answer. The lowest satisfied issue over the past years was pricing because of steel market is highly competitive, unpredictable and tardy pricing. CSC has actively implement monthly prices to cope with this issue and assist downstream manufacturers in overcoming difficulties.

Event 2020 2021 2022
Customer satisfaction (domestic)
78.9 78.8 79.6
Customer satisfaction (export)
77.9 77.2 77.5
Average customer satisfaction (domestic + export) (%)
78.4 78.0 78.55
Customer satisfaction goal
Above 60 Above 60 Above 60
Customer satisfaction survey coverage ratio (domestic) (%)
61.40 68.25 71.8
Customer satisfaction survey coverage ratio (export) (%)
56.70 63.29 64.71
Customer satisfaction survey coverage average ratio (%)
59.05 65.77 68.26

Customer Privacy 

CSC strives to provide customers with the best service, and provides the best protection for customer data using the methods below to ensure customer privacy.

  • All CSC IT equipment is protected by antivirus software to prevent computer virus spread through the e-commerce system.
  • e-Commerce inquiries and operation are ID and password-protected to ensure only corresponding customers, suppliers, and transporters can access data. Also SSL encryption technology is used to ensure the security of data transmission.
  • “Regulations on Management of Digital Certificates for Use on e-Commerce Systems” are established to ensure access to the e-commerce system only with valid digital certificates.