Quality Control

2022 Highlights

  • Completed the re-certification of the JIS Mark to ensure the smooth sales of 1 million tonnes of steel products each year.
  • Our galvanized steel products SGCC RC20 and SECD RC12 obtained UL 2809 Recycled Content Validation, fulfilling our commitment to ESG by providing customers with better material choices.


Short-term goals (2023)
Obtain product quality certificates used in different countries ≧ 8
Certified steel grades for Recycled Content Validation ≧ 4
Mid-term goals (2025)
Obtain product quality certificates used in different countries ≧ 9
Certified steel grades for Recycled Content Validation ≧ 6
Long-term goals (2030)
Obtain product quality certificates used in different countries ≧ 10
Certified steel grades for Recycled Content Validation ≧ 8

Policy or Commitment

CSC adopted the international quality management system IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 to establish “Steel Product Quality Management System”, ensuring that all processes within the system are effectively executed, while continuously improving the management process and product quality.

CSC complies with the quality policy of "engaging in customer-oriented R&D and innovation to provide high quality eco-friendly products and fulfill our corporate social responsibility," and gathers together production, marketing, R&D, and technology resources under the business strategies of "developing advanced products, high-efficiency processes and product application technologies, and implementing smart manufacturing to increase the value of the steel industry chain" and "continue to reduce cost and shorten the time to delivery, and improve energy conservation and environmental protection." We focus on the product strategy of "higher grade, wider variety, and higher quality" so that CSC products will become higher-end and more refined to achieve sustainable development. CSC upholds the belief that "customers' perception of quality includes variation, and accuracy is equally as important as precision," and continues to improve customer satisfaction and enhance CSC overall competitiveness through multi-stage, multi-level technical services.

Action Plan

Quality Improvement and Cost Control

Adhering to the quality conviction of “No best quality, only better quality that exceeds customers' expectations”, CSC takes continuous improvement as the driving force for enhancing the product technology and product quality. Through the PDCA cycle as a core tool, with the experimental planning method, Taguchi method, and 6-sigma method used alternately to work out the cause analysis and the data stratification, CSC plans the improvement countermeasures matching the current situation and develops improvement project system. The flow chart of CSC's quality management system is as below:

Products Certification

Even though CSC's products are mainly sold domestically, we are still expanding overseas markets with consideration to the needs of overseas production bases and related supply chains, and our primary task is to overcome the barrier of mandatory product certifications required by the government of different countries. After breaking through these barriers, we have obtained certifications used in Japan, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, with 498 steel grade of plate, bars and wire rods, hot and cold rolled coils, and coated products. This enables us to provide overseas customers with compliant products and is our niche for smoothly importing products, enhancing the competitiveness of our exported steel products. Furthermore, we obtained the new UKCA certification in 2022 in response to Brexit, and ensured that our products can continue to be smoothly sold to Europe, which provided even greater benefit in securing customer orders and expanding markets.

For years CSC has provided galvanized steel products to customers for manufacturing the casings for electronic products. After SGCC RC12 steel products obtained UL 2809 certification in November 2021, CSC became the first steel company in the world to obtain UL 2809 certification, and continued to develop SGCC RC20 and SECD RC12 steel products with even higher recycled content in coordination with the eco-friendly strategy of consumer electronics brands. CSC once again obtained UL 2809 Recycled Content Validation in December 2022 and not only fulfilled our commitment to ESG, but also provided customers with better choices. In the future, we will continue to actively develop production technologies with higher recycled content, and continue down the path towards a circular economy.

Customer Technical Service

The concept of CSC's customer technical service is to provide the knowledge of product application and solve customer's problems as well as to request CSC on behalf of customers to develop and supply product to meet customers' requirement.

From the aspect of the metallurgical technical service, CSC participates in customer's product design and development as early as possible to grasp the quality requirements of the material, thereby to expand the supply of niche products and enhance the customer relationship. Besides focusing on the implementation of “during-sales” and “after-sales” technical services by the front technicians, CSC also moves forward the service to the “pre-sales” stage. This is the so-called “multi-phase” technical service. In addition, due to the deep and wide coverage of technical services, the front technical service operations cannot fully assist customers in solving their material application problems, so the depth of technical service (level) must be extended to the factory support, and even the research expert level, which is the so-called “multi-level” technical service that combines “multi-level” to develop a two-faceted technical service model.

2022 Highlights

  • Completed the re-certification of the JIS Mark and added two grades of steel products with recycled content in the UL 2809 certification.
  • Help customers improve process technologies and resolve technical issues with materials and processing, of the 215 cases, 7 were related to product safety.
  • We continue to meet market needs by obtaining certifications for steel products for motor vehicles. In 2022, we obtained 6 certifications for steel in motor vehicles. Cumulatively, we obtained certification from 27 motor vehicle manufacturers and 268 motor vehicle product certifications.

Implementation Results

  • Completed annual surveillance for IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and QC 080000, product quality certifications used in 8 countries, and UL 2809 Recycled Content Validation, and obtained the certifications without any major nonconforming.
  • Completed 9 industry material use and trend surveys, and 9 new product demand surveys and quality function deployment.
  • CSC held 88 technical exchange meetings with key customers through video conferences or on-site visits.
  • The expansion of automotive steel continues to meet market demand and the process of product verification has been actively carried out. As of this year, CSC has obtained 6 automobile steel product certification, 268 steel product certifications, and has acquired verifications from 27 automobile brands (such as BMW, BENZ, JLR, TOYOTA, HONDA, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, MAZDA, GM, VW, CHRYSLER and etc.). CSC also has met the necessary requirements for selling steel products to the car factories, and won recognition from international car manufacturers.